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Welcome to the worlds oldest RAMMED EARTH COMPANY. Well, ...we may be the oldest, but we are still young and very enthusiastic. Our roots only go back 27 years into an industry that has existed for thousands of years! Our inception followed the uninvited visit to Darwin of Cyclone Tracy.

The World Health Organisation, The World Bank, and UNICEF looked at the devastation, but typically it was Australians that actually did anything, through the Darwin Reconstruction Commission. Then one of their engineers rolled his sleeves up and went off to develop a system to withstand cyclones.

That Stephen Dobson took on quite a task! It took much studying, experimentation, and development of technology to produce the quality of wall that was historically rammed earth, but in reality a tough, beautiful modern thoroughbred; the precisely agglutinated composition of materials we call

Cool in summer, warm in winter - a
Ramtec walled home is the ultimate environmentally friendly, "healthy" home which provides each owner with unique feelings of tranquillity and sanctuary.

Old rammed earth buildings were constructed from materials only available locally, so did not survive for more than one or two centuries. We are building Ramtec walls for the next millennium! Want to join in the fun? Perhaps you would like see some of our achievements, and know more?

Please browse our site and feel free to contact us...
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Awards Corner:
[link] Golden Web Award As voted on by the International Association of Designers & Webmasters.
[link] Gold Deco Award. 2003-2004 Gold Deco Web Award Winner.
They even love our site in the U.K.
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