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[Desc.] Entry to Architects home, Fremantle WA. [Desc.] Claremont WA. 2 Storey Load-bearing Rammed Limestone. [Desc.] Permaculture garden surrounding home in rural WA. [Desc.] Farm verandah near Perth, WA.
Entry to Architects home, Fremantle WA. Claremont WA. 2 Storey Load-bearing Rammed Limestone. Permaculture garden surrounding home in rural WA. Farm verandah near Perth, WA.
[library img] gillfront.jpg [library img] jenk.jpg [library img] bassendean.jpg [library img] margaret.jpg
Mosman Pk. WA, 2-storey, load-bearing Rammed Limestone. Country WA Home of Rammed Limestone. Rammed Limestone home in Bassendean, Western Australia. Margaret River, WA. Solar Design.
[library img] napowie.jpg [library img] radford.jpg [library img] res1.jpg [library img] res2.jpg
Homestead near Narrogin, WA. Verandah Pillars, Western Australia. Bush Home, luxury in the bush. Loft Cottage, Manjimup, West Australia.
[library img] res3.jpg [library img] mrchurch.jpg [library img] mrchurch.jpg [library img] res4.jpg
Loft House at Quinns near Perth, WA. Church, Margaret River, Western Australia. Cosy farm interior at Boyup Brook, West Australia. Home in the Hills of Perth, Hovea WA.

[library img] ampitheatre.jpg [library img] bremer_bay.jpg [library img] kakadu.jpg [library img] toodyay_rhouse.jpg
Amphitheatre at Mundaring near Perth. Bremer Bay Hotel Interior. WA Visitor Information Centre at Kakadu National Park near Darwin, Northern Territory Aust. Roadhouse at Toodyay, Western Australia.
[library img] pwcafe.jpg [library img] mrchurch.jpg [library img] mrchurch.jpg [library img] mrchurch.jpg
Cafe of Rammed Limestone at Point Walter, Perth WA Government School on north cyclonic coast of W.A. Shop on south coast of W.A. at Walpole Foyer of the Kooralbyn Valley Resort, Qld.
[library img] Baird Bay Motel.jpg [library img] Baird Bay bbq.jpg [library img] Baird3.jpg Dolphin Resort, Baird Bay, S.A., Ramtech design & build. Baird Bay Resort, 6m tall walls for luxury living near ocean in desert. Baird Bay Resort, area for relaxation after swimming with dolphins.

[library img] dining.jpg [library img] gascoigne.jpg [library img] girlsbed.jpg [library img] gkitchen.jpg
Dining room interior, Cottesloe, WA. Country home interior, Bindoon, WA. Mosman Pk: 2-storey load-bearing home of Rammed Limestone.
[library img] int-1.jpg [library img] int-2.jpg [library img] int-3.jpg [library img] int-4.jpg
Holiday home, Eagle Bay, southwest of WA Perth cafe interior, WA. Claremont, WA. Loft home interior. Interior of Cottesloe home, WA.
[library img] int-5.jpg [library img] int-6.jpg [library img] mrchurch.jpg [library img] mrchurch.jpg
Rammed Limestone home in Claremont, WA Claremont, WA. Interior (see also left)

[library img] adam.jpg [library img] barrelvault.jpg [library img] fireplace.jpg [library img] one.jpg
Entry to Architects home, Fremantle WA. Barrel Vault as roof of Pantry in home at Cottesloe, Perth, WA Fireplace in home at Swanbourne, near Perth, WA. Verandah Pillars, WA
[library img] two.jpg [library img] three.jpg [library img] g11.jpg [library img] g10.jpg
St. Thomas Moore Cathedral, Margaret River, WA Homestead verandah with columns. Stairs and Retaining walls that match the home. Private courtyard to Perth city home.
[library img] g1.jpg [library img] g2.jpg [library img] g3.jpg [library img] g4.jpg
Rammed Earth columns and arches with preformed concrete. Round frameless feature window. Arch headed doorless opening within a home. Niches
[library img] g5.jpg [library img] g6.jpg [library img] g7.jpg [library img] g8.jpg
Walls changing angles at a column. Custom slit openings. Custom column. Curvilinear wall.
[library img] g9.jpg [library img] curvedwall.jpg [library img] winthrop.jpg [library img] winthrop.jpg
Rammed Earthscape. Curvilinear wall. Round columns to entry portico. Entry statement to Estate.

[library img] land-1.jpg [library img] land-2.jpg [library img] land-3.jpg [library img] land-4.jpg
Mountain Park subdivision entry wall at Toodyay, WA. Point Walter playground on the Swan River, Perth, WA Point Walter landscape walls, Perth, WA. Artwork wall, East Perth (re-development), WA.
[library img] land-5.jpg [library img] entryway.jpg [library img] amphitheatre.jpg [library img] signage.jpg
Homestead entry sign. Broome, WA. Rammed Limestone bridge abutment over a small river. Rammed Earth Amphitheatre for the state gov't of WA. Signage at Joondalup, near Perth, WA.
[library img] land-6.jpg [library img] land-7.jpg [library img] land-8.jpg [library img] land-9.jpg
This row of images shows quite clearly and in a public access arena just how far you can go.
Visit Swan Valley, near Perth and take a closer look. Brick & concrete just doesn't quite get there!

Under Construction
[library img] gillst.jpg [library img] under-1.jpg [library img] under-2.jpg [library img] under-3.jpg
Walls at Mosman Park, Perth, WA. Broome, WA. Cyclone proof, under constr. Home in Mundaring, near Perth, WA. Completed walls of seaside home, WA.
[library img] under-4.jpg [library img] constr6.jpg [library img] constr7.jpg [library img] under-5.jpg
Starting the Walls, seaside home, WA. Construction of a rammed earth barrel vaulted roof. Construction of front facing wall of 3-storey home, ready Swan Valley, 2-storey loadbearing walls, WA.
[library img] CONSTR8.jpg for the balance of the home to follow. [library img] CONSTR9.jpg
Under Construction at Brigadoon, WA Great lines & dynamic sturdy structures.
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