Logo of the EBAA -- Earth Building Association of Australia

Welcome to Rammed Earth Developments, a sister company of Ramtec. Rammed Earth Developments will provide a wide variety of plans and technical data about the rammed earth walls and homes that we build.

If you're looking to build a whole home, then we suggest we take a look at the Ramtec website. If you're interested in the details, then read on...

Ramtec and Rammed Earth Developments are members of the EBAA (Earth Building Association of Australia).

Even the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation), the Australian Federal Government's Premier scientific body, likes what we do and displays a picture of the first rammed earth home in Perth — a home built in 1981 by Ramtec®, which was the winner of 3 housing awards including 2 "Home of the Year" awards from the Housing Industry Association (HIA). The house is still an absolute delight to live in today.

One of our plans; click to enlarge
One of our plans — Tropitec. For more plans, visit the detailed plans page.
Plans for new rammed earth houses are also available on the Ramtec website.